Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Playing roulette for real money has been going on since time immemorial. Now you can play Roulette online and enjoy the thrill of gambling. All casinos that are land-based let you play roulette and all these casinos have a different house edge. You may find that Roulette differs from one continent to another continent although they may follow the same rules of the game in some regions or cities. There is, however, the difference in the odds that is given to you. To understand the options of winning in various games when you play roulette online, we have various articles that will explain to you better. Have you ever played Russian ruleta online? Our articles are sure to help you make an informed decision in the game.

Understanding Russian and American Roulette

European Roulette was made really popular by the Monte Carlo casinos. You may think that European version of the roulette game is the original one, but, you are wrong. The game in Europe started only during the mid 19th century. They offered the roulette game with single zero pockets. This overturned the tradition of having two zero pockets, one among them having a double zero. Single zero pocket offers a great opportunity for the gamblers to win a huge amount of money. This has enabled European Roulette to give their players with 2.70 percent of house edge which is more than what you can expect in an American roulette.

When you play American Roulette you will realize that it is more like that authentic and classic roulette game of the 17th and the 18th centuries. Like any other roulette wheel, this game has one to 36 numbered pockets. However, in addition to these pockets, American Roulette also has a zero pocket and a pocket numbered double zero. The main reason for this addition is to lower the rate of gamblers winning. The house edge in American Roulette is about 5.26 percent. American Roulette is also known as double zero Roulette. There are some instances when the rules on an American Roulette is altered. So play European roulette first to get the best idea.

The most popular roulette game played across North America is American Roulette whereas the rest of the world enjoy playing European roulette. Some strip casinos are liberal in offering gamblers with roulette having single zero. In the New Jersey casino Atlantic City, you can find some special rules that you need to learn for American Roulette. These rules also have a name - la partage. So if you land on a zero or the double zero pocket, you just lose half of what you have a bet. Play Roulette online to enjoy playing roulette in an all new level. While you are on it, don't forget to try Russian roulette online!