If You Really Want The Finest That Money Can Buy Then You Should Really Buy Clay Poker Chips

Clay poker chips are gambling money used for betting at a poker table. Clay is the material of preference for chips since it is durable, light, nice to touch, produces a pleasant clinking sound and can be easily colored and decorated. Virtually all casinos specify compression-molded clay as the material for their poker, as well as other gambling, chips.

Some manufacturers make use of injection-molded plastic and various composite materials and these are regarded as lower quality alternatives. The size of casino chips is tightly controlled. The standard size for poker chips is 39 mm and weighs around 8.5 to 10 grams.

Casinos spend a surprising amount of time and effort to produce the right feel and look for their chips. Even the sound they create is essential. To ensure casinos achieve the best overall result, they seek advice from a range of experts including experienced gamblers, professional designers and clay product manufacturers. This costs lots of money, remember that clay poker chip can cost a dollar or more. However, if you want the best poker chips available, whether custom poker chips or just standard poker chips, you will have to pay a lot.

Clay chips are made by placing clay into a metal mold which is closed under high pressure. The shaped chip is then cured or baked at high temperature. They are decorated using colors, striking shapes and designs. As the chip is manufactured, the decorations are compressed into the clay. This method ensures the decorations remains permanently on the chip and cannot be removed without doing damage to the chip.

Small design details are important. For instance, the surfaces of a chip normally have a depressed inlay and are hardly ever flat. This cavity produces a vacuum or suction-inducing effect that helps the chips stays together, instead of topple, when stacked. The depressed inlay of a clay poker chip is the key surface for the reason that it carries the monetary denomination of the chip. Generally, the area is decorated with attractive motifs or designs.