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Triple Magic Online Casino posses a 3 reel, one pay line and two token slot game. It boasts a wild, multiplier emblem & the largest pay-out is one-thousand-eight-hundred tokens. The Blue Star symbol is a random, multiplier emblem & acts as any alternate emblem to produce rewarding mixes, and enhances the pay-out. 1 Blue Star emblem pays out treble any combination it makes up. 2 Blue Star insignias pay out nine times any combination they create. The triple magic slot is one of the internet slot which are usually on demand nowadays

Progressive: No Jackpot: One-Thousand-Six-Hundred

coins Reels: Three Pay lines: 1 Maximum

Coins: Two Coin Values: $0.25 to $5

Gamble: No Free Practice

Modes: Yes

High Roller Slots

High Roller slots is designed for VIP or elite players. The so called high rollers, they usually visits casinos with the aim to play the highest limit video slot machine game. These kind of gamers usually look out for high stakes video poker games. Others select to appear on table games, trying to wage are huge amount of cash on any game with more action Please visit internet gambling guide to review the recently lreleased casino games

basically you don’t usually think of those high roller video slot machine Most loaded people like the excitment of gambling, its all available even on internet. For these VIP people, there are the high roller video slots games. We have seen that the 1 machine set off from the row of 1 armed bandits This slots and other online table game their always on demand

You can also find many high roller playing at online slots. internet casinos they always try their best to cater the needs of high rollers, because its became are norm that if the high roller does not find the slots his looking for, they just move to another internet casino. Therefore high roller slots are usually starting to turn up online almost all the time.