Secret Lotto System for 12 numbers

A full Lottery system for 12 numbers requires you to play a massive 924 games.

Perhaps you also know that one of my top recommendations is playing as many numbers as possible; eg, for a 6-from-49 lottery I suggest playing 4 different system 12′s covering up to 48 of the 49 numbers.

Using the full lotto system 12, that equates to 3,696 games in total (4 x 924 games).

Even with a group entry, not the smartest of options.

But, there are Value-For-Money alternatives to the full system Lotto 12 – Including a Free Lotto System 12.

in particular, there is a dynamite variation on a Lottery system 12 that most people do not know about. And it’s free!

One way to play 12 numbers is as 4 Trios. Since there are only SIX different ways to combine two trios from 4 trios, this organisation is highly effective as a way to play multiple sets of 12 numbers.

However, there is a second guarantee – your lotto system 12 also guarantees that if you have 6 winning numbers anywhere in the 12, then 4, 5, or all 6 will be present in your 6 games.

But the First Prize Guarantee is obviously the main benefit.

Your Lotto System 12 will deliver First Prize -provided- any TWO of your FOUR Trios contain all 6 of the winning numbers, – in just 6 games!

There are only six combinations possible of 2 Trios from 4 trios, so you can probably create the system yourself. Or take the easy option and sign up at and we will send your Lotto system 12 to your inbox and save you the trouble.

And we will give you the “Secret Sauce.” You see, there are specific rules you need to follow in setting up your 4 trios – the fill-in-the-blanks Template we send you makes this child’s play.

Now, back to the Multiple Entries. If all you can afford is 12 games, you can play TWO lotto system 12′s ; if you can afford 18 games, you can play THREE lotto system 12′s (Up to 36 numbers); and if you can afford 24 games, you can play FOUR lotto system 12′s, covering up to 48 numbers. I recommend you do this as a Family or Workplace entry and share the cost.

Even easier are “done-for-you” lotto systems. These are available at and generate “Guaranteed Winning Numbers” from playing specific lotteries, eg, 6-49 lotto, Powerball, Megamillions, etc.

If you prefer a lotto book, try the lotto systems used by real double million-dollar lottery winner Terry Fisher, at – Good Luck!