Starting with Poker

Starting out with poker. How ? If someone wishes to begin his poker career he needs to know the negative sides also which this article will provide. Lets point out some good and bad sides:

Online Poker good sides:

1) Play goes between actual people and not machines (casino). Your income depends mostly on you not on the fact which slot machine you pick out.

2) No sitting in office from 9 to 5 , play whenever you want!

3) No need to invest hugely .

4) No obligations.

5) Chance to earn very well .

Online Poker bad sides:

1) If you play ALL THE TIME then it could play with your mental state in a bad way .

2) Constant work with computer is bad for your eyes.

3) You cannot have 100% stability in your income.

What should you unquestionably take into consideration?

1) Online Poker does not mean a massive and a stable income forever. To earn well and stable with poker you need to play well at medium limits. At first you should not make yourself dependant on the income from online poker.

2) Do not over estimate yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of poker players who think their best in the world. Do not under estimate your opponents even when they do not seem very smart .

3) Do not play on the limits where you can lose too much . You can earn steadily at $1/$2 limits but at $10/$20 you can lose a lot because the high stakes can scare you . In addition, the player skill level is much higher in higher limits, same goes for online poker tournaments. If you can win steadily on the smaller limits it does not mean you can go crazy and think that you will be even more successful at higher stakes .

4) Do not use your family members, friends or just acquaintances credit cards! Do not use the same computer to play on multiple accounts.

5) Do not play when you have consumed alcohol or drugs. You lose your sense of reality which is very important in poker.

6) If you keep losing then stop playing . Even online poker can become somewhat addictive and cause the wish to earn everything back right away.

7) Remember that poker is a skill game. You need luck but only 10%-15% of the time. If your opponents are extremely lucky then that’s just how it is. Every player gets his share of bad beats.

8) Be sure to signup with an online poker room through a rakeback deal affiliate. This will increase your net income very much.

9) Do not under estimate poker software like Poker Tracker or poker books. Poker books are best friends to many poker players . But still, do not play every hand „by the book“ – it is too translucent.

You should most definitely look for opoker rakeback and maybe noxwin rakeback deal when starting with online poker because they have very soft and easy poker games . Do not under estimate the power of rakeback because it really does increase your profits. Best to do some dry practice with your buddies before diving into online poker, read books, play at micro limits and watch videos.